Steve Smart

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Mountain Workshops, 2011

Once again this year I had a the pleasure of volunteering as a staffer at the Mountain Workshops sponsored by Western Kentucky University’s Photojournalism program. As a ’92 grad of WKU‘s PJ program, it’s always a blast to be immersed in this intense “boot camp” environment for a few days along with an awesome and inspiring staff. What started over 30 years ago as a black and white still photojournalism workshop has evolved into a high tech, multimedia cross-discipline, online, twitter’d, vimeo’d and facebook’d experience.

My job as a volunteer was to assist the multimedia students with titles for their videos along with various design jobs for the behind-the-scenes workshop video.

Here is a highlight reel of some of my work this year produced over two and a half days starting with the WKU and workshop front bumper and ending with the full Mountain Workshops end bumper logo. The 3d logo was created in Cinema 4d and all motion graphics animation was done in After Effects. Enjoy!

You can see more multimedia stories from this year’s workshop here along with this behind-the-scenes workshop video produced by Tim Broekema: